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The Dale & Martha Hawk Museum is North Dakota's premier destination for those looking to learn about local history. We offer a wide range of exhibits that showcase the community's heritage and memorabilia, from traditional farming methods to the history of transportation in the area. Our museum features artifacts and memorabilia from local residents and collectors as well as nationally-recognized exhibitions. Whether you're visiting with your family or on your own, we invite you to join us and explore the marvels of our community's rich history.

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Dale & Martha Hawk

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Dale and Martha were married in 1937 and worked together on their farm near Wolford, ND. As the years went by, Dale's interest in restoring old farm machinery grew.

Dale loved old machinery and went to many sales auctions just simply to look for old, antique machinery. Before any auction he could go to started, Dale would be looking in every pile of "junk" that he could to see what treasures he could find. When the auction would end, Dale would make a deal on the items that no one else wanted. He would take every piece, haul it home, then find a place for it to be restored and put out for others to then enjoy.

As years went by, this collection grew and grew. Martha quoted: "Dale just loved the stuff and insisted that everything be restored exactly. Every part of the piece had to be painted to it's original look, even every wheel. One time, when making a canopy for a tractor, he gave me a scrap of material that he found on the machine to make sure it would be the exact color as the original."

Not only did Dale have a love and passion for doing this, but he enjoyed the company and help from his brother Thor. The two of them spent countless hours restoring the farm equipment and reading manuals to make sure that everything was rebuilt to the original piece.

Come and visit the Dale & Martha Hawk Museum and see how an old tractor found rusting in a field, was restored into a new looking piece of equipment from the historic pioneer days.


Meet the individuals that you have the privilege of seeing and speaking with on a daily basis, who ensure the day to day operations run smoothly.


Meet the individuals behind the scenes, that make the decisions on this museum to help it look and run smoothly, for all of us to enjoy and be apart of.

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Larry MacDonald, Board member

David Thompson, Board member

Kevin Slaubaugh, Board member

Ethan Oakland, Board member

Chris Houle, Board member


Adam Held, Vice President

Lee Halvorson, Board member
Ervin Helmuth, Board member

Lyman Halvorson, President

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